Introducing Cavièr Clothing Co.

If you are reading this then you know that clothes are not just clothes. You know that it's not just

about what you put on your body, but how what you put on makes you feel and what your

choice of clothes says about you. (Because sometimes you are the only business card you


Clothes are your way of expressing who you are without having to say a single word. You know

that clothes not only change how you look, but they change the way you feel. You dress not just

for the job you have, but for the job you want (and are determined to get).

You dress for the life you want.

What you wear matters. Not because you are trying to prove anything to anyone, but because

you know that nothing feels better than slipping into those perfectly fitted pair of pants or that

carefully tailored shirt knowing that you not only look great but you feel confident. The kind of

confidence that comes from knowing that you won't see 100 people with the exact same pieces

you're wearing.

Welcome to Cavièr.

The clothing company where urban, business, casual, men, women, and fashion meet. One of

the biggest initiatives at Cavier Clothing Co. is exclusivity. The company was founded on the

motto of “Once it’s gone, it’s gone”. We see this as being the true definition of exclusive,

originality, style and most importantly — fashion.

Cavièr is more than just a clothing company-it's a lifestyle. It's being different. It's standing out in

a crowd. It's having the freedom to express yourself, your style, in an original, exclusive, and

creative way.

The hope and dream

“I remember in the 90’s when everyone had their own style. I remember when styling yourself

meant that it was ok to be casual, urban or somewhere in between. It’s hard to find any

originality in fashion today, and it’s extremely hard to find an urban fashion line. Everything is

high-end foreign made. This line will bring that original urban with a twist of casual feeling back

to the market.” – Ronelle Brockington (Cavièr Clothing Co. Founder)

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