The Crew


Mission Statement

We aim to provide exclusive limited pieces to all of our customers that are sleek in design and fashion forward.


The Birth of Caviér Clothing Co.

Caviér Clothing Co. began when three friends grew tired of spending money on mall fashions just to look like everyone else. With each having their own sense of style, it became difficult to express themselves with such limited options. With every visit, they came to realize the mannequins in the store windows were not just for advertising but rather they showed customers exactly how their style should look. It was to their understanding the definition of being fashion forward was being misconstrued and displayed on mannequins in department store windows as style. They knew most fashion companies generate large revenue by introducing a “hot” piece and mass producing it until that piece goes out of season. From that notion, they founded Caviér Clothing Company on the motto of “Once it’s gone, it’s gone”. They saw this as being the true definition of exclusive, originality, style and most importantly — fashion.


What Caviér Clothing Co. is doing for fashion

The fashion industry today is more emulation than originality. We see people rush out to buy the latest over exposed fashion that other clothing companies duplicate and mass produce. This only creates a saturated market with the same types of clothing. Caviér Clothing Company has designers that take pride in hand making garments of style. We seek to provide exclusive limited pieces to our customers. We make it a point to only introduce sleek fashion forward designs that will only be available for a limited time. We like to push the boundaries by mixing urban with casual fashion.


The hope and dream

“I remember in the 90’s when everyone had their own style. I remember when styling yourself meant that it was ok to be casual, urban or somewhere in between. It’s hard to find any originality in fashion today, and it’s extremely hard to find an urban fashion line. Everything is high-end foreign made. This line will bring that original urban with a twist of casual feeling back to the market.” – Ronelle Brockington